When athletes push themselves to their limits, injuries often follow. Prompt and proper treatment is critical to quick recovery and continued athletic success. Regardless if you are a professional athlete, student athlete or extremely active individual, pain does not need to be a barrier to returning to what you love.

But what form does that treatment take? Drugs? Injections? Surgery? In a world where the FDA has approved OxyContin for children as young as 11, it is our firm position that these treatment methods can often do more harm than good, sometimes with permanent side effects including nerve damage, scar tissue, and dependence on highly addictive pain medications.

For over a decade, laser therapy has been the non-invasive choice of professional athletes and their trainers alike, and for good reason. Laser pain therapy has proven itself to be effective in the treatment of the bruises, sprains, pinched nerves, and pulled muscles that plague athletes, in addition to aiding the healing process of more serious injuries. Not only does laser pain therapy reduce your discomfort and lack of mobility, it has also proven its worth to speed recovery over 60% faster than without treatment. Additionally, clinical studies have shown a reduction of pain between 52-94%.

Pain Free Life Centers has been at the leading edge of this movement for years. Not only has Center Director Jeff Morton been a guest lecturer to the athletic directors for the Michigan High School Athletic Association, we have treated current and former athletes from teams including the Detroit Tigers, the Detroit Red Wings, the Houston Oilers, the Green Bay Packers and the University of Michigan.

With no drugs, no surgery and no side effects, athletes are able to get back in the game faster, enjoying positive outcomes without the adverse effects of traditional treatments.

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