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Jenny, Fall 2017

A 60 year old patient came in with an intense shoulder injury. He was unable to play racquetball for months! The patient came in, and after only 4 treatments he was back out on the court, playing racquetball with his friends! At first, even though he was playing, he was still experiencing pain but playing [...]

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Kara, Fall 2017

We had a patient come in with a pain level of a "5" out of 1-10 scale. She felt as if she had tried everything and she was still in ongoing pain. She had tried injections, massages, acupuncture, pain medication- nothing helped her pain. She had a trip to France coming up and she was [...]

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Kim, Summer 2017

One of my patients was involved in a car accident a few years ago that unjured her back. Recently she had been expierencing agonizing back pain that left her unable to go to work. The first day I treated her, she needed assistance by both of her parents just to walk into the treatment room. [...]

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Danish, Summer 2017

We've been treating a patient for a while who told me recently that we've made things so much better for him. He described to me all the outdoor chores he can do now with ease, such as gardening, climbing a ladder to the roof... even cleaning the roof! He loves regaining his life!

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Ryan, August 2017

A patient with a history of horrible knee pain was having trouble exercising due to pain. This patient was upset that they were no longer able to use equipment they bought and felt they were loosing the control of their health. After going through our therapy this patient was able to return to exercise, with [...]

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Jean, Summer 2017

We have a patient who cleans houses and has done so for years. This has led to overuse of the hand and severe carpel tunnel. She is seeing improvement in the chronic pain, numbness, and get relief, for about 12 hours after treatments. She is looking forward to further progress!

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Karen, Summer 2017

A patient I treat has recently finished her treatments. She is elderly and has arthritis in her hands. She was unable to bend some of her fingers, her improvement was gradual though, through the treatments. At her last appointment, she walked into the treatment room, looked at me and raised up twi strong fists!! She [...]

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Jordyn, Summer 2017

I recently had a patient I treated who has inflammation and salivary stones. Her doctor told her she would have to have surgery. After just a few treatments, the stones passed, saliva is following and she is feeling so much better!

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Kara, Summer 2017

We had a patient come in crying with extreme lower back pain. It took 2 people to help her walk in the door. She couldnt go to work or drive. This patient is in her early 20's, and felt as if her entire life is over. A few days later she walked through the doors [...]

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