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Ryan, May 2017

We had a patient who had suffered from bursitis and walked into the clinic limping. After her treatment, she was able to walk normally and repeatedly exclaimed “Oh my gosh! I have no pain, I have no pain!” as she left. So awesome!

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Tammy, May 2017

As the Wellness Coordinator, I see patients during their first visit to our center. I had the pleasure of treating a very nice woman who was having severe pain in both her calves. The pain has been so intense it wakes her up numerous times at night. The patient began to cry during the consult [...]

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Jordyn, May 2017

A patient is doing so well with his carpel tunnel! His goal is to swim 25 miles April 1st through July 10th. His wrist only bothers him slightly while swimming but he is on course to accomplishing his goal of 25 miles by very early July.

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Jennie M, May 2017

We have been treating a 74 year old female patient with a torn rotator cuff. The patient began treatment in April and had a pain level of 8 out of 10. As treatments went into spring, the office staff loved when she came in because she always brought her beautiful flowers from her garden for [...]

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Cale, May 2017

A patient I’ve been treating tells me he’s feeling the best he’s felt since 2012. After his treatment one day he was going to play golf as the first stress test since feeling better. The following treatment, he told me he felt great playing golf, the whole night following and the entire day after!

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Mikayla, May 2017

When one of our new patients first started he came in, his pain levels were affecting his energy levels and his personality quite a bit. After about 2 weeks, I noticed his personality had sparked, He would come in joking around with us each visit making some of the best jokes that we hear around here! [...]

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Marisa, May 2017

One of our patients, came into PFLC walking with a cane and in extreme pain. After her initial treatments, Hazel was so happy with the results and was walking better than she had in a while. Every time Hazel comes in she is enthusiastic about the treatments, keeping herself optimistic and alert. It's so fun [...]

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