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Case Study for TBI and High Dose Cold Laser Therapy

Patient: a 57-year-old male, in good health, who suffered a traumatic brain injury, January 2004, in a pedestrian vs. automobile accident.

Patient’s symptoms since his TBI include, but are not limited to, Attention Deficit Disorder, Complex Migraine with Aura, extreme fatigue, brain fog, short term memory loss.

Patient has been under a neuropsychiatrist’s care since his injury and has been through extensive rehabilitation, speech and occupational therapies. Patient has had Complex Migraine with Aura since his accident. He averaged several in a 30-day period and has had as many as 14 in one month. (March 2018)

There are definite triggers that encourage a migraine to begin. He has tried many medications for his condition, with very little success. He has found a combination of meds that will decrease the length of a complex migraine if taken at the onset. If the medication is not taken at the onset, the patient will experience “stroke-like” symptoms, i.e. loss of speech, compromised/loss of motor skills, pain, blurred vision and full body spasm. Symptoms can last for many hours and recovery can last days.

In May 2018, patient sought the alternative treatment of High Dose Cold Laser Therapy, for his TBI, at Pain Free Life Centers. Patient started his treatments May 3, 2018 and has received ten, twenty-minute treatments total, with the last one being August 10, 2018. His migraines first reduced in frequency and the patient has now reported that as of July 2018, this was the first month, in 14.5 years since his accident, that he has not had a single migraine. As of today’s date, September 6, 2018, patient is still migraine free. It should also be noted that the “triggers” that would’ve caused a migraine in the past, were still present in his everyday life.

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