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Laser Pain Therapy Novi MIAt Pain Free Life Centers, we are dedicated to changing lives by reducing and eliminating pain with our state of the art laser therapy program serving Novi, MI. Not only is this protocol non-invasive and non-surgical, it is free of side effects and completely drug-free.

If you are in Novi Michigan  and you are dealing with an injury or chronic pain condition, call Pain Free Life Centers today. Your initial consultation is free, as is your first laser pain therapy treatment. There are no obligations and no side effects, the only thing you have to lose is your pain.

Laser Pain Therapy Patient Testimonials 

Laser Pain Therapy Life Changing Light

Reduction in pain

Laser Therapy for Pain Treatment

Accelerated tissue repair and cell growth

Novi Laser Therapy

Improved nerve function

Laser Therapy Instant Reduction in Pain

Faster wound healing

Drug Free Laser Pain Therapy Novi MI

Reduction of scar tissue formation

Laser Pain Relief Treatment in Novi MI

Immune system regulation

Novi MI Laser Pain Therapy

Muscle stimulation

Drug Free Laser Pain Relief

Improved vascular activity

Novi Laser Therapy

Pain relief treatment

Pain Relief Treatment Novi MISince being cleared by the FDA in 2003, the advancements in laser therapy for pain treatment have been nothing short of remarkable. At Pain Free Life Centers, we have developed a treatment protocol that uses a combination of specific frequencies of light to reduce pain and promote healing.  We can answer some questions about laser pain relief therapy here.

Novi Laser therapy works through the scientific process of Photobiomodulation, (Photo=light, bio=life, modulation=change). In this process of “life changing light,” photons of light from the laser penetrate subdermally, going directly to the source of the pain at the cellular level. The light waves produced by the laser reduces the inflammation and increases blood flow around the affected area, which provides the energy and nutrients the cells require to heal. Not only does laser therapy in Novi MI promote healing, it also allows for an instant reduction in pain.

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