Are you tired of living with chronic pain? Neuropathic (nerve damage) pain can prevent you from living your best life, which is why we recommend scheduling an appointment with Pain Free Life Centers. Keep reading to learn how therapeutic lasers are used during neuropathy treatment to alleviate pain and numbness and promote healing.

What is neuropathic pain?

The nerves in your body are responsible for sending pain signals to your brain so you are aware of illness or injury. To help you understand how your nervous system works, imagine the following scenario. You are cooking in the kitchen when you brush against a hot pan. Without having to think about it, you immediately jerk away from what burnt your skin. Not only are your nerves responsible for firing pain signals to the brain, but they are also connected to your muscles so you can quickly respond to pain.

People with damaged nerves experience chronic pain regardless of illness or injury. If you have neuropathy, you may have felt burning or shooting pain whether you were in the kitchen or sitting on your couch watching TV. When nerves are damaged by amputation, diabetes, or other circumstances, they misfire and cause pain. People with neuropathy often experience tingling or numbness.

While some people turn to surgery or medications, we believe that high dose cold laser therapy is the best way to alleviate neuropathic pain. While nerve pain can go away on its own, it’s not uncommon for patients to need laser treatment for pain management. Laser therapy can reduce pain and improve nerve function so you can enjoy a better quality of life.

What is laser therapy?

The light energy from the laser penetrates deep into tissues beneath your skin to reach the source of your pain. Many of our patients report improved quality of life after starting a handful of treatments of laser light therapy. Lasers not only help you manage pain, but have been shown to improve nerve function. This means that after several rounds of high dose laser therapy, you may experience less pain and numbness.

Laser therapy has been approved by the FDA since 2003, which makes it perfectly safe to use on patients with neuropathy. Lasers work on the cellular level to reduce inflammation and increase blood flow in the affected area. Cells need energy and nutrients to heal damaged nerves, which is why laser treatment is such an effective and non-invasive solution. To learn more about laser therapy for neuropathy, we recommend contacting Pain Free Life Centers near you.

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